Visa pour l’Image 2018

The stands filling with viewers at the outdoor night-time screening at Visa pour l’Image 2018. EVENTS

The best of Visa pour l’Image 2018

After another inspirational Visa pour l’Image, we reveal some of the highlights from this French festival of photojournalism.

13 Вер 2018
Students' views on the future of photojournalism EVENTS

Students' views on the future of photojournalism

How the next generation of photojournalists learnt from working professionals at Visa pour l'Image 2018.

07 Вер 2018
Preparing the perfect photography portfolio EVENTS

Experts share how to impress with your photography portfolio

A top magazine editor provides her tips on preparing the perfect photography portfolio, from the images you choose to the design of the portfolio itself.

27 Сер 2018
People walk around an exhibition room looking at the printed photographs on the walls. EVENTS

What not to miss at Visa pour l'Image 2018

The annual festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France, offers an exciting range of exhibitions, lectures and more. Here are some highlights to look out for.

27 Сер 2018

Canon Female Photojournalist 2018 winner revealed

The American documentary photographer wins the 2018 Canon award to document the income inequality around Silicone Valley.

20 Сер 2018
A heavily pregnant woman sits on a chair next to a man lying on a bed, her top rolled up to expose her stomach. They are in a brightly-lit room decorated with colourful posters and a shelf unit holding cosmetics bottles and small stuffed toys. ARTICLE

Catalina Martin-Chico on Colombia’s peacetime baby boom

We interview the 2017 Canon Female Photojournalist Award winner about her heartfelt project.

20 Сер 2018