3D Photogrammetry

3D Photogrammetry is the process of making measurements from photographs which allows you to quickly and easily scan, edit and reproduce physical items.

3D Photogrammetry with Canon

Canon’s world-renowned EOS System can drive your 3D Photogrammetry forward with greater accuracy and reduced costs. Photogrammetry has wide-ranging applications in many industries and the benefits are compelling.

  • Mass customisation

    Users can create custom-built designs, opening doors to unlimited possibilities while media and entertainment companies can produce and reproduce physical objects and places

  • New capabilities with cost optimisation

    Complex products can be mass produced or reproduced without high fixed cost capital investments, at a lower variable cost than traditional methods

  • Reduced lead time and greater speed

    Thanks to shorter design, process and production cycles, manufacturers are able to deliver products to market faster

  • Supply chain simplification

    Production closer to the point of demand requires much less inventory and saves waste and time


How it works

3D Photogrammetry is the process of making measurements from photographs which allows you to quickly and easily scan, edit and reproduce physical items. It’s especially useful for recovering the exact positions of surface points, allowing physical products, objects and people to be converted into 2D/3D digital files (and vice versa).

Wide-ranging applications

3D Photogrammetry can be used in many areas, including production control, deformation analysis, inspections and documentation on a wide range of object types - small objects, historical items, people, buildings, aircraft and even land mass.

Scan the subject with multiple pictures

To acquire the information necessary to measure, take multiple images all around, above and below your subject so they can be stitched together to create horizontal and vertical mapping.

Shoot with more than one camera

Trigger multiple cameras at the same time if they’re fixed in a location to conduct a thorough map of your subject from every angle.

Post-production made easy

Import the data and take the images into your software system to create the model. Specialist industry software can compare the pixels to find matches and then estimates camera locations, therefore deriving the correct 3D geometry.


Ready to help your business

Take a look at the many areas of industry and commerce where 3D Photogrammetry can improve and enhance your business.

  • Manufacturing

    From collision engineering to stress testing, photogrammetry is a vital part of the manufacturing process and helps to measure and predict the impact of pressures on a prototype object.

  • Creation & Design

    Rendering a physical object into a three-dimensional image is a key part of the design process and enables designers to make key changes without the need to physically re-model the prototype.

  • Engineering & Production

    When it’s vital to limit manufacturing downtime and stay within budgets, 3D photogrammetry allows engineers to carry out important testing off-site, using data acquired from images to calculate and survey a product.

  • 3D modelling

    Photogrammetry can be used to make highly accurate and realistically photo textured models of buildings, archaeological sites and even landscapes.

  • Private and Public Sector

    Government and businesses can benefit from 3D Photogrammetry when carrying out a variety of tasks such as town planning, highway engineering and other infrastructure considerations.

  • Retail

    Point of sale merchandise such as mannequins, in-store displays, and even augmented reality can all make use of 3D Photogrammetry to drive customers to shop either in store or online.

  • Media, Film, Entertainment and Leisure Industries

    The special effects used in the Film, TV and Gaming industries rely heavily on 3D Photogrammetry when designers are seeking to construct elaborate and highly realistic visual experiences.

  • Architecture and cultural heritage

    Recreating buildings and historic settlements relies heavily on accurate images taken at the scene which are then imported into mapping software to render realistic visuals of how a site would have looked long ago.

  • Defence, Security

    Aerial and maritime mapping is a vital part of defence planning and 3D Photogrammetry helps the armed forces in their intelligence gathering when plotting troop movements and forecasting enemy operations.

  • Why Canon?

    Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. We design, develop and manufacture digital cameras, lenses, accessories and cables plus produce software needed for camera control – a combination that is leading the industry. Ours is a truly comprehensive system and it’s all created in-house which gives you the confidence to trust in our expert vision.

    • Vast product line-up

      Canon has the best range of cameras and lenses for every budget, from the latest high-resolution mirrorless to traditional DSLRs.

    • Incredible image quality

      Canon has pioneered image quality and is now a world leader in optical technology with incredible focusing, faithful colours and high-resolution images.

    • Accurate results every time

      Canon cameras and lenses are built to deliver precision. From controlling the shutter automatically to the incredible colour science that goes into constructing our sensors.

    • Minimal downtime

      Our products have been engineered to provide years of faithful service, with a backup service that offers training, servicing and support – it’s all part of the Canon package.

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  • Цифрові дзеркальні фотоапарати

    EOS 2000D

    Робіть чудові фотографії 24,1 МП та знімайте відео Full HD. Розширте свої творчі можливості за допомогою цієї легкої та зручної цифрової дзеркальної камери.
  • Бездзеркальні камери

    EOS R5

    Тепер вам доведеться подивитися на бездзеркальні камери іншим поглядом. Неперевершені характеристики моделі EOS R5 повністю змінять ваш підхід до фотографування та відеозйомки.
    Докладніше EOS R5
  • Цифрові дзеркальні фотоапарати

    EOS 90D

    Дзеркальна камера, яку оснащено усіма найновішими функціями наближає вас до об’єкту зйомки, дозволяє знімати ще швидше та закарбовувати зображення у неймовірній 32,5 мегапіксельній якості.
  • Цифрові дзеркальні фотоапарати

    EOS 850D

    Зробіть крок назустріч творчості, знімайте красиві деталізовані фотографії та вражаючи фільми у форматі 4K з легким та зручним підключеним до камери, яка надихає.
  • Об’єктиви для цифрових дзеркальних камер

    EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

    Компактний світлосильний об’єктив типу «млинець» для туристичної та повсякденної зйомки.
  • Об’єктиви для цифрових дзеркальних камер

    EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

    Легкий, світлосильний і з підтримкою коротких витримок
  • Об’єктиви для цифрових дзеркальних камер

    EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

    Недорогий світлосильний STM-об’єктив із діафрагмою f/1.8 для портретної та повсякденної зйомки за слабкого освітлення.
  • Об’єктиви для цифрових дзеркальних камер

    EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

    Високопродуктивний USM-об’єктив із діафрагмою f/1.4 для портретної та повсякденної зйомки за слабкого освітлення.
  • Стандартний об’єктив

    RF 50mm F1.8 STM

    Компактний, тихий і легкий 50-міліметровий RF-об’єктив із фіксованою фокусною відстанню з широкою діафрагмою f/1,8 ідеально підходить для втілення вашого творчого бачення.

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