A person in long white and cream robes and sandals stands between two large curving walls, which reach high into the sky above.

Live the dream and get paid to travel

From developing a niche to building a social following, three pros discuss how to make money from travel photography.

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A woman walks along, passing the white painted side of a building. She is holding her coat closed tight around her with both hands. KIT

Make a good impression: work experience gear guide

What's the best camera, lens and printer for photography students going on an industry placement? Photographers Yasmin Albatoul and Nanna Navntoft give their advice.

17 June 2022
A computer in a video edit suite with two HD reference monitors. KIT

Choosing the right 4K monitor for you

Enjoy the best performance and productivity features with a 4K reference monitor that's ideally suited to your exact requirements.

22 June 2022
A man holds up a Canon EOS R5 C with no lens attached to the camera, showing the RF mount and sensor. LENSES

All about the RF mount

The RF lens mount is at the heart of Canon's EOS R System. Find out about the many innovations and design advances it has made possible.

16 June 2022
Sarah Köster sits at a white desk with one hand on a laptop and the other holding an A4 print of a black and white portrait. EDUCATION

How to make a photo portfolio: a step-by-step guide

Digital or print? Personal or commercial? There are many things to consider when building your first professional photography portfolio. Canon Ambassador Daniel Etter and photography student Sarah Köster share their tips.

02 June 2022
A man sits in a small inflatable boat inside a stunning cave lake, with bright green water and overhanging rocks. TRAVEL

What you need to succeed as a travel photographer

Ulla Lohmann talks about life as a travel and adventure photographer and the qualities, skills and kit needed to carve out a career in this competitive field.

02 June 2022
A person in long white and cream robes and sandals stands between two large curving walls, which reach high into the sky above. TRAVEL

How to make money from travel photography

Three pro photographers discuss how a diverse portfolio and adaptable attitude help them make a living from travel photography.

01 June 2022
A man wearing a sleeveless black top and matching bandana spins a basketball casually on the middle finger of his right hand. SPORTS & ACTION

Fast and furious: shooting streetball with the Canon EOS R5

Photographer and filmmaker Raisa Abal reveals how the Canon EOS R5's high-speed features enabled her to capture the non-stop energy of this popular urban sport.

31 May 2022
Creative colour: how Canon Log enhances filmmaking FILMMAKING

Creative colour: how Canon Log enhances filmmaking

Cinematographer Ivan D'Antonio describes how he uses Canon Log to get the best from his cameras, refine his footage and realise his personal vision.

27 May 2022
Canon Ambassador Lieve Blancquaert being filmed on a crowded riverbank with Canon video kit. NEWS

Canon offers dedicated grant for short video documentary

The Canon Video Grant – Short Film Documentary recognises the best emerging talent worldwide in documentary filmmaking.

15 March 2022
A Canon CR-X300 camera. KIT

Meet the next-generation PTZ cameras

How the Canon CR-X300, CR-N500, CR-N300 and CR-X500 pan-tilt-zoom cameras plus useful updates raise the bar for streaming, broadcast, events and more.

22 April 2022
A Canon EOS C70 camera on a wooden desk taken from above. PRODUCT NEWS

Expand your creativity with the Canon EOS C70

The latest firmware updates for the compact Cinema EOS camera deliver a raft of enhancements, including RAW video and new Custom Picture profiles.

20 January 2022
A man, shot so only his hand and waist is visible, holding a Canon EOS R5 C with a 15-35mm lens. PRODUCT NEWS

High-performance hybrid for video and stills

Everything you need to know about the EOS R5 C – Canon's 8K full-frame body that bridges the EOS R and Cinema EOS systems.

19 January 2022
 A red rally car kicks up a long trail of dust as it travels at speed along a dirt road above a quarry. ARTICLE

More updates for the EOS R6, EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III

The latest firmware updates unlock even more features in Canon's top-tier cameras, including autofocus enhancements from the Canon EOS R3.

11 January 2022
A Canon EOS R5 camera with a Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens positioned on a mossy surface next to fallen autumn leaves. PRODUCT NEWS

Meet the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye

Capture the world in virtual reality with this groundbreaking stereoscopic L-series lens.

20 December 2021
Canon Future Focus Future Focus

Canon Future Focus

The student programme focused on making you a professional.

14 December 2021
Launch_event LIVE EVENT

Canon Event

Be the first to hear from Canon Ambassadors and experts about our latest announcements

13 September 2021

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