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PrintShop Mail

PrintShop Mail makes personalised printing quick and easy. It integrates database information into the layout of a document. You can create the document in any layout or design application, and use almost any database format. By simply dragging and dropping database fields onto the document layout, PrintShop Mail creates a link between the database field and the document. PrintShop Mail then gives an instant preview and provides a powerful resource checking option

The document with the database links is sent to the printer RIP only once.  During the printing process, only the variable information from the database is sent to the printer, the static portion of the job does not need to be re-ripped.  This greatly shortens the printing process and decreases network congestion, making variable data printing an efficient, cost effective process.

Key Features

  • Easy to learn - create personalised print jobs quickly and easily with drag and drop data operations
  • Comprehensive set of conditional rules for database driven composition
  • Fast validation and preview functions reduce the risk of errors and streamline the workflow.
  • RIP once, print many – reduce total print time and network traffic
  • Layout repetition facility for multi-up designs simplifies stacking and cutting of printed material off-line.
  • Custom barcode and crash numbering capabilities increase the scope of personalised materials
  • Application independence - use existing design and database applications
  • Compatible with PC and Mac platforms, enabling users from creative, administrative and marketing environments to easily combine data and manage content

PrintShop Mail Brochure [PDF, 261 KB]
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