Canon iR5065Ne


The iR5065Ne brings high volume black and white productivity and flexible multifunctional performance to your office, while supporting the environment.


    • Black and white office multifunctional device
    • Print, copy, scan and send in one
    • Output speed of 65 ppm
    • Paper capacity of 4,150 sheets
    • Support for paper weights up to 200 gsm
    • HDD Erase as standard


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Proven Canon quality

Canon's Factory Produced New Model Program has been developed in line with our commitment to serve customers in an environmentally responsible way. Using our long-standing manufacturing experience, we select best-selling models from recent years and rebuild them at our Canon Giessen factory in Germany. By following a rigorous process combined with strict quality assurance, we're able to offer you affordable, high-quality MFPs with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

A sustainable choice

In our FPNM range, we reuse up to 93% of existing components and materials by weight, which dramatically reduces the dependency on new raw materials. As a result, the manufacturing of iR5065Ne generates 91.6% less carbon dioxide than the original model*. Through thoughtful planning of device configurations, we also significantly reduce packaging materials required for storage and transportation.

Outstanding productivity

The iR5065Ne has an output speed of 65 ppm (A4) and is equipped with an impressive paper capacity of 4,150 sheets, securing uninterrupted operation even during the busiest periods. Auto duplexing enhances productivity and saves you paper, while the standard DADF ensures effortless copying of multi-page documents. Add the optional finisher for corner and double stapling.

The iR5065Ne is easy to operate through a large colour touch screen with the established iR interface. Mailbox and secured print are supported as well.

A sound investment

The reuse of parts and materials allows us to pass on the savings to our customers delivering a very reasonably priced device. The iR5065Ne is MEAP enabled and supports a wide number

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