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Compress and convert documents

Large files can take up valuable bandwidth on your network and prevent real-time collaboration between colleagues and customers. With Canon, document conversion and document compression is easy, helping you to transfer information more effectively.

Your challenges

  • Sending large image files across the network
  • File size restrictions when emailing or storing documents
  • Searching or editing information within paper documents or image files
  • High costs of storing large documents on-site or in the cloud

Our solution

With Canon you can convert and compress paper documents and images into editable formats and reduced file sizes. Making it easier to transfer, store and retrieve your files.

The benefits

Improve collaboration without compromising visual quality or the legibility of information.

Avoid undelivered emails by ensuring your attachments are size-compliant.

Save time with document conversion to text-searchable files and the ability to access information from mobile devices.

Reduce costs through document compression and the need for less on-site or cloud storage capacity.

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