Canon DreamLabo 5000

DreamLabo 5000

Canon's first ever inkjet production photo printer provides the new alternative to conventional silver halide technology, delivering a wide range of premium photo merchandise.

DreamLabo 5000 detail image


  • FINE print head technology ensures precise, high speed ink delivery
  • Enhanced colour gamut and smoother gradations with seven dye-based inks
  • Fast, one-pass printing thanks to the seven full-width fixed print heads
  • Automatic double-sided printing perfect for printing quality photo books
  • Easy maintenance with dual paper magazine and inks replaceable while printing


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Redefining production photo market

The DreamLabo 5000 is set to revolutionise the photo production printing market by utilising Canon's renowned inkjet photo printing technology on the production scale. With highest levels of precision printing at outstanding speeds and without harmful chemicals it provides superior alternative to conventional silver halide technology.

Quality with speed

Canon's unique FINE print head technology uses large number of microscopic ink nozzles delivering ink precisely to the print media at high speed. Combined with accelerated one-pass printing using seven fixed line print heads it redefines possibilities of fast photo printing with superb detail.

Colour and mono prints

The 7-ink system in addition to standard CMYK also employs photo cyan, photo magenta and grey inks to produce wider colour gamut with more precise colour control. Dye-based inks deliver photos with smooth gradations, faithful colours and natural skin tones. With the additional grey ink black and white prints look more natural.

Paper handling

With dual paper magazines when one roll runs out, another is automatically loaded, so jobs aren't interrupted and productivity is maintained. An optional paper deck allows for 2 more paper rolls. An automatic double cutter ensures photo merchandise is finished to perfection and double sorting system allows output to be sorted by job order or paper size.

Productivity and image enhancement

Fixed-line print heads enable prints to be generated in a single pass enabling 10x15cm photos delivery at 40 prints per minute. DreamLabo 5000 offers automatic double-sided printing with speeds of up to 1000 A4 double-sided pages per hour. The optional Digital Photo Image Enhancement System automatically deals with imperfections such as red eye and colour cast.

Easy maintenance

The dual ink tanks enable an ink colour which has run out to b

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Superb photolab-quality print head

Друкуюча голівка, яка забезпечує неперевершену фотолабораторну якість


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High resolution photo printing

Фотодрук із високою роздільною здатністю

Automatic double sided printing

Автоматичний двосторонній друк

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