Canon XEED WX450ST


This unique and innovative compact WXGA+ short throw installation projector has a generous 77% vertical lens shift. With 4500 lumens brightness, it projects superior quality images from around one-third of the throw distance of conventional projectors.


    • Native WXGA+ resolution
    • Canon short throw lens
    • 4500 lumens
    • 2000:1 contrast
    • Wide range vertical and horizontal lens shift
    • Picture-by-picture and edge blending
    • HDMI™ and DVI inputs
    • PC-less presentation
    • Easy lamp and filter access
    • Exceptional energy efficiency


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Short throw shiftable lens plus outstanding brightness

The unique XEED WX450ST is a superbly bright high-resolution compact installation multimedia projector. Its short throw Canon projection lens features an exceptionally wide range of vertical and horizontal lens shift. With a throw ratio of just 0.571:1, this all-new lens virtually eliminates distortion (typically 0.1%). It can project a 100" image from around one third of the distance of conventional projectors, at just 1.23 metres. Despite its short focal length, the lens projects images from 30" up to a large 300" diagonal in size. With both vertical and horizontal shift - including an exceptionally wide 77% vertical range - the projector can be discreetly located above or below the screen and is suitable for both front and rear projection.

Bright, fast-moving images

The latest AISYS optical system is Canon's most efficient ever, delivering 4500 lumens of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. So images are clear, bright and vivid - with the same outstandingly accurate colours and smooth image rendition you expect from the XEED range.

Next-generation image processing

Native WXGA+ resolution (1440 x 900 pixels) is supported by LCOS display technology that delivers stunning, perfectly smooth images. Alongside its professional-quality optics, the WX450ST's new image processing engine is packed with installer-friendly features like hardware edge blending, on-board registration adjustment (to ensure perfect RGB panel alignment) and built-in test patterns. The picture-by-picture image display supports twin digital inputs, so it's perfect for modern video-conferencing applications. The 4-Point Keystone Correction function helps project images from almost any angle with perfect geometry, while Motion Blur reduction keeps images sharp during fast-moving video playback.

Designed for flexible installation


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For powerful brightness and a high contrast ratio

Дивовижна яскравість і високий коефіцієнт контрастності

HD Ready

Підтримка стандарту HD




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