Zünd S-Series
Технічні характеристики

Product Specifications

6 models (133-227cm wide)

Adapt your cutter for different-sized tables

1.4G acceleration and 80,000 RPM routing

Ideal for vinyl cutting and thin acrylic routing

Versatile materials

Ideal for vinyl, cardboard, textiles, foam board, hard and soft plastic, and Dibond

Maintenance-free components

Non-stop performance

ProCut software suite

Streamlines preparation of cut data

PC stand

Compact stand provides storage space for tools and modules

Semi-automatic loading device

Keep idle time to a minimum

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Докладні технічні характеристики



Universal Module-S (UM-S)
Kiss-Cut Module-S (KCM-S)
Punching module for S3 (PUM-S)
Marking Module (MAM-S)


Marking Module (MAM-S)
Kiss Cutting Tool (KCT)
Electric Oscillating Tool ; 1 mm or 0,5 mm stroke (EOT)
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT)
Universal Routing Tool 300 W (URT)
Creasing Tool Type 1 (CTT1)
Creasing Tool Type 2 (CTT2)
Driven Rotary Tool (DRT)
Universal Drawing Tool (UDT)
V-Cut Tool (VCT)
Passe-Partout Tool (PPT)
Raster Braille Tool (RBT)


Max. material thickness

30 mm

Horizontal force (X/Y)

200 N

Vertical force (Z)

100 N

Max. number of modules on gantry



+/- 0,03 mm *

Точність позиціювання

+/- 0,1 mm/m + Repeatability *


1-1414 mm/s, in vector direction


max. 1414 mm/s², in vector directions. (depending on modules in use and cutter size)


Stepless adjustable over the complete work area.


Floor load requirements/m2

200 kg

Робочі температури

+10 up to +35 °C

Відносна вологість

10-80 % non condensing

Noise emission

< 75 dB (depending on material and cutting technology)

Electrical requirements

3ph+N+GND 208V 50/60Hz 20A
3ph+N+GND 400V 50/60Hz 16A

Interface PC

Serial Port RS232, DB 9
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

Interface Cutter

Ethernet 10/100Mbit


Maximum Material Width

M-line:1330 mm
L-line:1800 mm
XL-line:2270 mm

Work area

M-800: 830 mm × 1330 mm
M-1200: 1230 mm × 1330 mm
M-1600: 1630 mm × 1330 mm
L-1200:1230 mm × 1800 mm
L-1600: 1630 mm × 1800 mm
XL1200: 1230 mm × 2270 mm

Machine weight

M-800: 420 kg
M-1200: 490 kg
M-1600: 560 kg
L-1200: 560 kg
L-1600: 610 kg
XL1200: 620 kg

Dimension incl. Workstation

M-800: 2626 mm × 1542 mm
M-1200: 2626 mm × 1942 mm
M-1600: 2626 mm × 2342 mm
L-1200: 3096 mm × 1942 mm
L-1600: 3096 mm × 2342 mm
XL1200:3566 mm × 1942 mm

* X/Y drive system, static at constant mean operating temperature (may also vary depending on cutting tool)