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Is your workplace a safe space for data?

The modern office workplace is arguably the environment where your business data is at most risk. Why? Because it’s the intersection of people and information and much of that interaction is usually unmonitored and unregulated.

Whether by accident or malice, data security threats are a real challenge for the modern business. At Canon, our business solutions consultants have hundreds of conversations with office managers and technology experts annually across Europe and we know that most workplaces are not safe environments for data.

The ubiquity of sensitive and confidential information associated with modern working means that the threat of data breaches and cyber-hacks is always there whether you work in finance, HR or administration. But when it comes to the office in which we work, most of us trust that our environments are safe spaces for sensitive information. We presume window locks work and people with an ID Card have been formally issued one, that reception teams are always vigilant and that all the CCTV cameras pointing out towards the car parks and corridors will be enough to keep the bad people out.

Security in the shadow

The fact of the matter is that most data loss occurs from people walking out of offices holding documents under their arms, USB sticks fully loaded with customer records in pockets and commuter back-packs housing laptops containing electronic files filled with desktop-authored spreadsheets and confidential report extracts. All too often, IT departments have no knowledge that this data exists because of the ‘shadow’ infrastructure and applications used to create them.

Created and transported outside of the IT department’s parameters, these documents are often created as a way of sidestepping the processes put in place to maintain data security. While these steps may sometimes appear overly arduous to implement, they are integral to the safekeeping of information. While newspaper headlines may be filled with stories of widescale hacking schemes, the simple fact of the matter is that a misplaced laptop or lost document can cause as much reputational and financial damage to an organisation as the malicious attacks we all read so much about.

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Office security on-the-go

Underpinning the ongoing battle against data breach prevention sits the increasing mobility with which the modern workforce can work. The challenge for businesses large and small is balancing the clear efficiency benefits that come with a fully mobilised workforce with the security required to keep confidential data safe. Security professionals agree, modern working practices have made it so much easier for people to access locations where they’re not meant to be.

Balancing the successful running of a modern office with data security is an ongoing challenge for security professionals and businesses alike. The volumes of data and workflows that exist today make keeping track of information increasingly complex while the repercussions for breaches make infosecurity more important than ever.

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